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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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snow advisory for the area to have additional two -- 4 inches . the advisory issued in purple .e zooming into the lake effect snow bands eastern cuyahoga county, at the 90/2 split and analog 271 . most of that well-being in geauga county . also ashtabula, with these lake effect snow bands with these gusty winds, it feels like i bolo mansfield, the lake effect will come to a halt but not before tomorrow morning . overnight windchills between five and 15e below zero . the temperature will be actually
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mph .gu will be partly sunny midday the more light snowfall for everybody though much break breaks in between the systems iraq will be outside russia have to come in the clipper system pass through this morning giving everybody a few inches of snowfall .ss also causing problems on the roadways, roosevelt leftwich joins joins us but i look at tricky conditions j. >> talked about the wind, there are also some light flurries, on
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528 .om you can see where the wind is gusting snow over the place . it has just been like this pretty much all day, the further east the more snowfall and for many people the roads were very slippery this morning during rush hour . on a snowy day, although they tow truck drivers and the police know there are some spots on 271 where the vehicles does seem two spin-out and bad weather come on the express lanes express lanes near mayfield road is one of them,. >> takes a few minutes to get everything hooked up and situated to get the traffic slowdown . >> 8-track nonstop on a dime on
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during rush hour today that suv that darted in front of the truck portion into a ditch,. >> is just a couple of hours, no big deal,, they kept it up right and nobody got hurt hispanic but every rank slows things down, fender benders all morning if you can get out of your driveway on the road.oror >> with the wind off of the lake , the eastlake neighborhood has drifted several inches high, pointed out by hand is down hired a plow service pack i can shovel, and, and why get a snow plow because i can have all of this fun and not pay and will be that bad in northeast ohio. >> lane road looking good, a lot of the side street in many of the eastern suburbs are still snow-covered, si they have not talked to them, people still
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people still want to look good. >> or salon is busy around but it does> get slow in january and february . >> this is probably not a good hair day. >> we can make it a good hair day. just off the highway on 528 in madison village . they have done a good job of plowing it was there was a lot more snowfall out here thenas closer to cleveland, they have managed to keep it clear, the side streets are still snow-covered, a lot of people have been shoveling . you will get back on the highway, . were going to go down 84 and get back on the highwaywn to give
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snowfall was falling off your. for people including two children dead after a house explodeses p and then bursting into flames and thick there were questions about not only because the cause of the fire but nobody else managed tout get out alive. >> dave nethers has been asking questions and joins us. >> these are troubling questions , and in northfield center, there is not much left of the house behind me after the fire and explosion yesterday,of killing a couple and two children, and no explanation for anything.
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into to the front of the house, andnd it was that loud explosion. >> 8:30 p.m. monday, northfield center firefighters called to theay house explosion on sky haven dr. in the heard the explosion within minutes the house was described as a massive fireball. >> near the fireplace that was burning and burning andnd so my day seem like they couldn't get it out. >> it was the biggest house fire that i have encountered in my 25 >> they say that inside the house they found the bodies of cindy and geoff mather in two children on the first floor.. >> he was near the patio door inside the house that's where we found him, thet mother was with the two children, the girls and she was hovering over them to children kind of like she was protecting them. >> investigators with the state
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sifting through the door very on tuesday looking for clues the gas companyor workers were in the neighborhood but firefighters were leaning away from a gas explosion . the fire chief says that the fire appears to have started in the center of the house on the >> what is in the center of the house on the first floor.ce >> the hallway stairway entrance to the kitchen and living room. >> whenever says that he helped to kick have to kick in the front door and got into the house following the explosion.edo >> iran and their confidence contents and the dog came running out .n and then i went around to the kitchen at . part of the vestry is how nobody insideis was able to get out. >> that is the puzzle, the answer is in their area>> in the
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looking at the mother was hovering over t protect them from what appeared . and why did they just not get out of that house . three fire marshals working on this fire chief says that they are the best in the state . they will find some answers along with the summit county sheriff's department . they don't the balance of got lots of work to do. t how long might it take for them to get to the bottom of this? >> i don't think there is any formula,do in this case, they want to make sure that they have everything done .
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speculating on anything. >> laphonso remembered the family of four killed inin the explosion is matt wright spent the day with those who knew them and is therefore filled with what he has learned.em >> they are morning remembering the poor people who died . described as a great family and her essay mob for the neighborhood . the senator grieving the loss of a special womanna also a founding member of the rock county church in garfield heights said that he was a deacon or 13 years and she taught sunday school . they say that the ten-year-old was homeschooled and a girl who lives in a second grade at northfield elementary, the school brought in extra
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deal with the loss of. >> tell parents to hug your kids , this is unspeakable and i met with the staff this morning to talk to them to prepare for the day .i the church also said that they touch many lives and will be deeply missed,at the sentiment that is shared by many people we spoke to in. . for the first time since canton k-9 officer jethro died his partner speaks out, we sat down with him today . peggy gallek joins us with his storied. has not slept much since his partnericsa jethro died sunday after being shot by a suspect he says
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to his partner and friend. >> got a phone call from nypd is going to send they going to send over three handlers,s, toledo called for going to send guys. >> eastern time today with for the moral service,me he was shot during a shoot out the suspect saturday, the suspect fired several shots at officers ff was also shot in his recovery he davis said he believed that the 3-year-old german shepherd saved his life, jethro had been working on a the force for about a year,enen davis says that he feels a piece of him is now gone. >> to teach you that this can happen, that they are there for you . .th to sacrifice for you if need be, but it does not make it any easier,bu it hurts, i would gladly gladly take his place if i could. >> this is our memorial cemetery
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, he will be here in this cemetery of honor.y >> the service will be held thursday at the canton civic center civic center the suspect facing charges including shooting of of a police dog and felonious assault back >> austin davis said that he spent all day home with jethro and they go j they go to work with him, so he was with themgo 24 hours a dayit, and he believes that he sent his life, that makes it even more difficult. police have arrested a suspect for the beating ofl a priest in little italy . the 20-year-old, along with two others pistol whipped the priest as he walked
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120th and mayfield road . the person who came to his assistance was also robbed, was arrested on harvard avenue this afternoon rest for the death of a 3-year-old child, they revealed a new suspect he is joining us whathe have you learned ?us >> the second suspect in the death of major howard, was arrested not long after the 19 foundd police took out a warrant, major howard was shot and killed in september on east 113th for fonts that are looking for donnell lindsey call him the prime suspect but cannot find them, this morning he the 19 found award for a second man and investigators have arrested aaron jennings court records show that he was was with him and fired shots at the boy and others, the police have not said the child was actually a target.ot >> tonight, he is locked up the
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lindseyy coming up at 5:00 p.m. what know about the man arrested
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. purely white out conditions three hours ago, it came in to lorain, ashtabula county around 1:00 p.m. . then began to subside . the focal point will be mailing for the snowbelt . but the advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and just posted, seneca county wyandot in crawford county under windchill advisory . from about 8:00 p.m. tonight or tomorrow
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between five and 15 below zero . lake effect snow also lake erie and lake michiganke with some serious snowfall across michigan . and then watching snowflakes here, this is the next clipper
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between 30 and 45we lakefront . 18 degrees cleveland, and take a look at these windchills . it is one in cleveland . symantec estimates will be around . but tomorrow, more clipper snow farmers then after dinner that they continues until early thursday for that tapers off . single digits night the wind chill is going to hurt with additional two -- were inches of lake-driven snowfall in the snowbelt with four -- 8 inches
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trumbull county . in the teens tomorrow, that's all i clipper snow in the midday thursday it still looks like a restaurant on thursday friday and then back down to the cold temperatures for the weekend and beginning next week .. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air,
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jalapeno and to record one . $5 million jackpot would you take a lump sum or nine years of payments critical this year with but the pros and conscr. >> you want to lump sum payment you will leave a lot of money on the table the lump sum would be about $950 million about 30 percent less than the jackpot . you choose the payments you get payment you get a total of 30 spread over nine years . what about uncle sam ?. >> in the lottery winnings are taxable as income, you'll be subjected to the highest tax rate which is about 39 . 6
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another 135 million dollars at tax time next year,mi that means that your total income for the one's lump sum is about $560 million, but still not too shabby we have some lottery players what they would do and here's what they said in a probably take the jackpot jackpot in the lump sum because i don't think i will be aroundin in 30 years.ll >> mojito at the? >> are the majority of the delights that i would get a house on the water in florida with a large yacht to go over and instant places in the caribbean >> if you are a serious problem player there are so many apps to help you do get the most out of it, lotto lotto because you if you have a winning ticket,b but
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winter has arrived, . it is called outside no matter what but when you add on that wind coming it can be between five and 15 below zero . i my cell phone until early this morning, got about between one -- 3 incheswe . depending on your location . you can see some of
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or just east of downtown . approaching eastern cuyahoga county towardsa snowbelt are goinglt to run into more attractors conditions for the evening commute .a to the west and south odds are the roads are pretty clear .nd three . 3 inches in of snow in hinckley, shaker heights . now were really watching that lake effects advisory in effect until 8:00
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windchills of two minus 15, with a snow bands that will continue to be persistent temperatures in the teens the land, with windchills minus three at wooster . snowbands will come to a halt tomorrow morning and then p.m. with a general lifestylele . it will will be in the teens tomorrow, and then we get a moderating trendh coming up . this time of year, many people want to get outside of the concern is the theme snow
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temperatures and road conditions are a concern back roosevelt leftwich has been driving around to check out the conditions . they done a good job of clearing the roads on i-90 are westbound just passed 306 we saw them doing some cleanup and got the road now they're clearing the shoulder .. in anticipation of more snowfall coming . you can see some light flurries out here off broadway . you got to watch out for these little wind gusts . no . you can get a big powder puff of snowfall . you can say some see some of the heavier
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the city, it is still only 430, we've seen a couple of accidents onve i-90 they've been trying to get them off the road .en because rush hour isen going to be increasing . the roads look pretty clear, it is cold you can always have a icy spots so if you are on the road drive carefully . thank you roosevelt leftwich. >> pawn shop with a icy spots, this time of year it is difficult for the homeless on the street,yis on crediting the police with a difficult time. >> jack shea spoke with the
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with the story. >> he is grateful for the helping hand given by thee cleveland police officers. >> 57-year-old glenn klein is a fixture in the cleveland west nd 117th neighborhood despite trouble he is know known for sharing a laugh and smile as he makes his rounds tog their east neighborhood business to keep warm. >> he says he's been homeless for many years and feels unsafe in thehe city shelter's. >> i don't go into those. >> on saturday received a complaint call from an apartment buildingp on cliff to. >> that but that a person that isis sleeping in the hallway, the build it entranceway. >> they say that when the officers arrived, they estimate they asked what they could do to
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authority all authority . a treat them them good and and they shallod be. >> meet. >> is that what i'll be officers , m a 17 year veteran was so worried about him that he gave himn his own shoes and then asked for permission to go home to get another pair shoes to finish his shift. >> the patrol did not look what anybody to know about his act of kindness but his fellow officers spread the word. >> user that's not why he did it come that is just two years, and theat men and women in the department's.w >> and he bestowed upon the up glenn kline a sense of dignity. >> but it is called, officers on
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for people like him, usually offered to take them to a shelter or hospital but as you heard he said he will not go to the shelter . a bus driver is called a hero after an angry man gets on the board the bus of students were on board she drives a bus with a bedford district on wednesday a car pulled up beside it and the man behind the wheel claim that she hit his car . demanding that she get off the bus . you can see the exchange happening when she did not key and a passenger on the bus to confront her, the men continued to yell profanities at the driver while five middle school students were still on board. >> i put my arm across the state
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back and i don't want him back by my kids . he got on the bus and blew my arm out of the way andle proceeded to sit down and. >> the police arrived and arrested 20-year-old jeremy larkin and aerial call both facing charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct. >> homeowners hope to strike it rich with the rnc, just a few months away, many people are offering their homes for rent but att astronomical prices, jennifer jordan joins us with the details. >> hotels already are booked to downtown downtown are renting out there homes, townhomes and condos for convention goers to the tune of thousands of dollars above the normal rate .v the
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would think that the rental prices would be more affordableou but think again back in the eastern suburbs you can find several properties rented exclusively for the rnc in july .ndr this property on zillow listing the seven bedroom, my bathroom home on the limbo trail in solon for $70,000 per month the price based on the amount of people ande the mountains where footage and comparable properties in tampa florida were the last rnc was held in 2012 also found the neighboring homes for the, $85,000 closer to downtown, and bratenahl written rented for 50,000 to say that it
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>> commerce is is not bad if there are some people who wants to pay that for a week or one monthif that's not bad, but being practical, you find that most individuals want to be closer to the downtown action andwa if they're looking for a rental, it would not be in that area so far away. >> solon is about 21 miles east of cleveland, for the last-minute convention goers who may not be that big of a deal but the price tag may have been doing a double take. final state of union address tonight, say that he is aiming for a nontraditional stage, it
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of policy and more about getting an optimistic tone for the country . is expected to call for action on climate change and expand the affordable care act .on you can see the speech here on fox 8 tonight aty 9:00 p.m. and
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a lot of liquor from groundfox that is cherry street in chardon . it is covered in snow. snowdays came in fun in front and back yards and parks and your sharing pictures of the winter fun, within some brothers in grafton, their attention and for the first time, get used
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living in northeast ohio . the charts tell that this dog is hating or loving the snow, coming it looks like she's playing hide and seekl in her first snow in strongsville. >> the four-legged friends, love us today, and are frolicking in the backyard in lakewood . the field if you have a picture of yourself or family or your pets enjoy the winter weather, send it to us at fox, we will add them to the gallery and maybe even show them on the air during fox 8 news core clock
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this is the around 1:00 p.m. . the reduced visibility about one , 130 and then it got almost looking . lake effect snow full tonight, in the snowbelt, additional two to 4 inches some will have eight plus inches of snow on the ground in the snowbelt by tomorrow morning . torre then it starts with another inch or two max . tonight, lake-effect advisory in effect for the snowbelt, and windchill advisory 's at times dropping to
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some snowfall falling with some heavier bursts it will be gone by early tomorrow morning and then focus on this clipper system .nd we'll bring us light widespread snowfall to tour evening and night . add-on that would guess between 35 and 40 mph . it is cool but could be worse it is 2 degrees in minneapolis, it's going to be really cold out their tomorrow morning,
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between 10 and . night single digits and looking at windchills between five and 15 below . there are 18 degrees with a clipper snow that will be gone midday thursday with temperatures climbing to 40 . a rain snow mix saturday switching over to also fall , and then falling again with 20s, and in
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if you watch the nfl, just as you heard peyton manning yelling alongn during a play call . beer brewers in denver and indianapolis are coming together to create a beer in his honor,brn the omaha play call inspired the beer and o'neal pale ale is being made in denver but likely sold in both states,b both brew houses say that peyton manning does not endorse it with her holding a sixpack for him just in case youh don't mess the nfc divisional round action sunday as the seahawks face the panthers here on fox 8 coverage beginning at noon on sunday but alas again last night, t-shirt makers were ready to sell caps
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a memento of. >> those fans will need to get their passport stamped if they want to give a temperature t-shirt after
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another shot from groundfox, we got to them traveling today, does not bad but there are plenty of windy and icy conditions so if you have to be on the roads, be carefulso. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. alabama because and when the college football playoff last nighten , t-shirt makers were ready if they pulled off the upset. >> the stores are planned in championship gear, what happens to the merchandise of the losing team ?s they used to go to the incinerator but now there's a better plan in place, all four major pro sports leagues are working with an organization called world vision,eaa distribute
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uganda, rwanda and others . maybe wonder why the church are not church, given to those in need in the us us, they say they don't want it to pops up on on ebay or to be seen on tv they believe the farther away it goes for less like the less likely we will send
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if you are in denial in december, this morning you were
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the middle of winter, another round of snow moving through northeast ohio dumping even more of the white stuff on the roadways became the morning commute much lower than normal >> teaneck we have live team coverage on today's snowfall, with two groundfox crews. >> for the latest, of what we can expect let's check in with
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